Community Services

Community Services Offered

Services Offered:

  • Home-based Therapy
  • Home-based Casework
  • Supervised Visitations at all levels
  • Family Preservation
  • Diagnostic Assessment Services (CIA’s, PFFA’s, and Psych Evaluations)

Home-Based Therapy

Our therapists provide strengths-based therapy to address a range of mental health needs. We provide both individual and family therapy utilizing various evidence-based models.

We work collaboratively with existing services within the treatment team as well as with schools and community supports to foster the best possible outcomes.


Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is a family and community-based treatment that addresses the core causes of juvenile delinquency and antisocial behaviors, such as aggressive/violent behaviors, theft and other criminal behaviors, substance use, or chronic school absences. The ultimate goal is to reduce unwanted behaviors by empowering families to create healthier environments using existing youth, family, and community strengths and resources.

Home-Based Casework

Our caseworkers provide a variety of services to support and stabilize families. Our caseworkers can help connect families to community resources, develop budgeting skills, provide life skill training, parenting education and other supporting services to meet the need of families.

Supervised Visitations

Our team of qualified staff members provide supervised visitation between children and parents with the goal of strengthening the parent-child relationship while ensuring child safety through observations. We provide therapeutic supervised visitation as well as traditional bachelor’s level visitation in community settings.

Family Preservation

Our caseworkers and therapists work to help families stay together in a safe environment, avoiding the removal of children from the home. LifeSolutions utilizes a multitude of evidence-based practices to assist each individual family and tailors care to meet each family’s unique needs.

Diagnostic Assessment Services

Our therapists provide clinical interview and assessments and parenting/family functioning assessments to both generate recommendations and to address family needs and functioning. We also offer limited psychological testing to clients over the age of fourteen.

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